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The times that I feel low are brief now. Feeling like I am an impostor in the roles that I’ve been placed in. I am worthy and I am feeling empowered and self assured. I can take care of myself and treat myself and I am OK with it. I used to not be OK with being alone.
S.N., Client
I am calmer, more sure about myself and the dating experiences are so different. Before, I would have let the negative behaviors slide and now I do not. I feel more peaceful. I just feel better about myself. I still worry a lot, but not as much as before. I feel I have become more confident and when I do feel insecure about my abilities, then Habiba taught me to challenge it. My thought process is better and I recognize my feelings better.
M.K., Client

My train of thought is so different than when we first started. I know what and which route I don’t want to go down.

You taught me to take things for what they are and making me more honest with myself. I’m learning to ask for what I want out of life.

Otis, Client
I had a wonderful experience coming to Habiba. I have learned a whole lot from her and I want to thank her for everything she has taught me. I truly think all her exercises and discussions are very helpful. Now i think about my actions before actually out bursting. She is an awesome therapist!!
Linda, Client
It’s amazing how different my mindset is. I’ve seen huge improvements in myself. I was such a closed up person. I’m more confident, and there’s just so many things that have changed. I would hate to see where my life would have been- the direction my life would have gone without this.
Kaitlyn, Client

I enjoy coming, because i am learning alot about myself and so is my daughter. We are both learning how to interact with others.

She is funny and understands us. She helps us to see whats really been going on and not what we are focusing on.

Darla, Client
My grandson is 6 years old and he has been with me for the last 4 years. He has been to many counselors before and he would be violent and aggressive towards them. The first day he met Jessica, he spoke to her and was friendly and I cried because she is the only one that he has ever trusted or opened up to. I think its helping him a lot and he is more open to what he feels. Before he would never express or would be saying “its OK I don’t mind.” It is a big deal. He is more comfortable in his own skin. He’s not trying to think he has to hide his feelings anymore. I see such a difference and I am so thankful.
Nate, Client
I had a wonderful experience coming to Jessica’s sessions. I have learned a whole lot from her and I want to thank her for everything she has taught us. I truly think all her exercises and discussions are very helpful. Now I think about my actions before actually outbursting. She is an awesome therapist!
Lydia, Client

Attending these classes has been quite a learning experience. Jessica has brought different perspectives as to so many situations. I have gained knowledge and awareness to self security, and anger experiences. Have truly enjoyed the group sessions.
Jacqueline, Client
When I first started attending group, I was VERY skeptical of how I’d feel or be made to feel by the class and/or the teacher… however- I realized after the first class that it was going to be an enlightening experience…I have learned about many different behaviors and have become completely comfortable expressing myself to the teacher-as well as the other group members… In short, Jessica was very informative and efficient in making us see what really happens and how we are reacting to what happens in the world. I am overjoyed to have met her and the people in this group.
S.P., Client
The day I meet Mrs. Zaman my life changed for the better. My family sees her for family and individual therapy. She was able to help me realize the things I needed to change about myself as we’ll as guide me through them. She is there for me for every emotional battle I have had to and continue to go through.
C.B., Client
Jessica had influenced me beyond belief. She has made me a better parent and woman as a whole. She has helped me to develop my worth and every time I see her my world is ok. With her I am invincible beyond measure. THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME.
Jhanae, Client

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