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“You have to let go of what could have been, how you should have acted and what you wish you would have said differently. You have to accept that you can’t change the past experiences, opinions of others at that moment in time or outcomes from their choices or yours. When you finally recognize that truth then you will understand the true meaning of forgiveness of yourself and others. From this point you will finally be free.”

-Shannon L. Adler

Meet Our Counselors

Habiba Jessica Zaman

Habiba Jessica Zaman, MA, LPC, NCC Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach

Hello, my name is Habiba Jessica Zaman. I have a master’s degree in professional counseling from Georgia State University.

I view my clients as those in search of some type of change in their lives. Together we work towards growth by identifying the issues involved, establishing goals, and becoming increasingly aware of reoccurring patterns that prevent growth. As awareness of one’s fears, perception, desires, and strengths increase, we are able to make successful life changes. Self-awareness by becoming more honest with ourselves can initiate the authenticity that often results in healing, transformation, and fuller life. As individuals exist within cultural contexts, which heavily influence all facets of who we are including our world view, relationships, decision making, and identity, I strive to utilize cultural sensitivity in my practice.

My primary style is trauma-focused therapy and solution-focused therapy with adults and adolescents to empower and directly address each individual needs. I often utilize play therapy for children to help better understand their own ability to solve problems and find their potential. I provide a safe, nurturing, and judgment-free environment for my clients because I believe a good relationship and trust are essential for change and growth. I work successfully with clients addressing most life issues, including family and relationship problems, self-growth, depression and anxiety, life changes and adjustments, grief, abuse, and trauma.

Jennifer Hawkins LAPC, MA, NCC

Jennifer Hawkins, MA, LAPC, NCC, CCTP

At some point, most people can feel like they have hit a plateau. Some use the phrase “going through the motions” or “spinning their wheels”, and others may feel they are at a crossroad. Offering tools to my clients helps facilitate their healing and growth lending to finding their voice, a sense of power, and their path.

Perhaps you feel you need to make a change, but you may lack direction, drive, confidence, or vision. No one type of therapy works for everyone, so I have an integrative approach. By utilizing EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Somatic Expression, and CBT, along with a collaborative and interactive environment, I have successfully helped my clients with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, and self-empowers issues. In addition to these, I specialize in trauma, Tourettes (C-BIT), functional tics, functional neurological disorder (FND), and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) dysregulations. I welcome you to call if you would like a new approach to old problems.

Chris Irving

Chris Irving, BA, CPLC Certified Life Coach

Navigating Life

At the age of 42, I know I have gained much knowledge and experience, while at the same time, it feels as though I still don’t know anything about anything. I’ve lived around the country and tried my hand at many different and often contradictory professional avenues. I was a competitive athlete, I’ve been an actor in theatre and film in the big cities, transitioned over to law enforcement where I was a robbery/homicide detective and moved up in the ranks to the internal affairs division.

I’ve traveled abroad experiencing unknown cultures, known, and maintained relationships with people from different backgrounds, maintained fitness as a lifetime goal, and been around the dating pool- somehow making it through these dating app times and a quite challenging pandemic era. I have been married, divorced, and married again. I’ve experienced the emotional ups and extreme downs when it comes to human interactions and behaviors. I can honestly say I’ve never regretted the people who came into my life and have learned something about myself from them all- good or bad.

I’m a believer in self-improvement, working daily on improving myself, while knowing there is a lot to sift through ahead of me. I choose to be open minded, and I hope to work with people who are working towards finding the strength and flexibility to be their best version of themselves. I believe if a person is looking for change and accepts accountability for their actions, then they are looking to thrive and be happy in their lives.

I’m an in-person type of communicator. I believe that body language and the energy that the other person gives off tells a story of where they are today. We all need that extra push. I believe we encounter chances, however covert, to be shown doors of opportunity, happiness, risk, and fortune- but it is up to you to recognize, be aware, and to mentally prepare yourself to go through those doors.

Easier said than done.

As my academy instructor use to tell my class every day, “Get your mind right.”

I became a life coach because I know people have more inside themselves than meets the eye. It takes work and effort; positive outcomes can make way IF you keep those deliberate and disciplined blinders on and trudge through the messiness. You have already made the first step in considering a life coach, which is challenging enough; now you just have to step through this door. Someone is there on the other side to receive you. I know it can be scary, I also do know that the risks we don’t take end up being a regretful thought later on. We can either drift through our past experiences, watching each day slip by or we can learn from it, get excited, take control, and make decisive steps to a future that is our own.

Life is short. Life experience is everything. Take a chance and make it yours.

Kaylan Maloney

Kaylan Maloney, MS, LAPC

I graduated from Walden University with a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. My therapeutic approach includes the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I have completed CBT training through The Beck Institute and have been able to use these skills to help clients process emotional distress, depression, difficulties with adjustments in life, and anxiety.

How we process our thoughts influence our behaviors and can change how we think about ourselves and our situations. With the CBT approach, clients discover underlying issues, explore how experiences relate to the present, work toward goal achievement, and help clients discover and create an enhanced sense of self.

The relationship between counselor and client is essential for the process. Therefore, it’s important to me that clients feel safe, heard, and understood. I enjoy working with clients on the journey of creating a better quality of life.

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green, LAPC, NCC, MA


Hello, my name is Chelsea Green and I received my master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling from Mercer University.

Let’s take this counseling journey together! I believe in helping my clients reach their full potential and helping them attain the skills necessary to succeed in all of their ventures. I am passionate about helping clients overcome obstacles that keep them stuck and emphasize the need for self-care and self-love. I utilize a cognitive-behavioral and person-centered approach to help clients put their negative thoughts and actions behind them to lead to positive thoughts and more beneficial behaviors. I view counseling as a collaborative effort between the therapist and the client; we’re in this together. I have experience working with adults and adolescents to process distress, anxiety, anger, depression, family/peer conflicts, and more. My goal is for clients to feel comfortable and open up without fear of judgment.

I am currently accepting new clients in person and via telementalhealth. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, I can be
reached at 678-600-6873 or via email at


Hafsa Ahmed, MS, APC, NCC – Therapist

(470) 362-0757

Embracing a holistic view of human psychology, Hafsa incorporates several modalities into her work with clients including CBT, solution-focused, and mindfulness-based approaches. Hafsa seeks to help individuals identify and use their own unique strengths to experience empowerment, find new ways to cope and build resiliency to stress and anxiety, all while finding meaning in their narratives and regaining control of their lives through self care; leaving them feeling centered, balanced, and confident.

Hafsa is a compassionate, patient, easy-going, and nonjudgmental therapist with a knack for putting people at ease and is particularly skilled at engaging individuals who may feel doubtful or uncertain about therapy. She believes that the therapeutic relationship is a collaborative process in which the therapist and client work together to bring about positive change, growth, and healing. She works with her clients to support them during difficult times and in accomplishing the change they wish to see in their lives. Hafsa provides clients with tools to create healthy change in their inner dialogue, relationship to one’s body, and to cultivate compassion for oneself and others in their life. She hopes to help others find and implement self-care practices and rituals into their daily life that nourish their mind, body, and spirit.

Hafsa believes while therapy can be a lifelong journey for some, it can also mean inviting someone into one’s life for a critical period of time when they deserve the support needed to get back to their life. Hafsa works with individuals from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds while incorporating cultural sensitivity into her work to accommodate and respect differences in opinions, values, and attitudes of various cultures. She is affirming of the LGBTQTI+ community and works with individuals 13+.

Hafsa Ahmed is an Associate Professional Counselor pursuing full licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She graduated from Mercer University with a Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Hafsa is board certified in counseling by the National Board of Certified Counselors.

Mike McHugh, LCSW

(678) 851-0528

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is the power to choose the response. In that response lies our gratitude and freedom.”
Victor Frankl

Hello, my name is Mike McHugh, LCSW. I have been a licensed clinical social worker since 1999. I received my master’s degree from the University of Georgia. Since 2015 I have been in private practice, specializing in working with adults. My services include individual, couples, family, and group therapy. I am also an EAP (Employee Assistance Program) counselor helping clients with work-related concerns.

My work prior to 2015 involved 20 years of employment at 3 different psychiatric hospitals and/ or treatment centers for addiction. This work helped lay the foundation for the work I now do in private practice.

My hope in working with clients is to help them become more resilient. I approach my work with the spirit of mindfulness. Mindfulness simply means bringing awareness to our experiences, an awareness of what is happening actually, as well as our reaction to it. When clients learn how to rest in the space of awareness their past can unfold. So, the client can be helped to manage and modify into 4 basic processes they possess. They are 1)somatic, 2) emotional, 3) relational, and 4) reflective. The client is helped to assess these areas, learn coping skills, and practice the skills. The goals are to help facilitate acceptance, resilience, and change.

Lanny Ledford LCSW, CSAT, EMDR

(404) 422-3594

I specialize in sexual & pornography addiction recovery along with trauma focused EMDR therapy to help with PTSD as well as betrayal trauma. I also effectively help individuals struggling with a variety of other issues like depression, anxiety, P.T.S.D., chemical dependency, codependence, relational issues, and grief. Over the past two decades I have helped individuals discover how to heal, recover, and reclaim their lives.

I’m a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing since 2006. I am a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist  (CSAT). I am also certified in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) through the EMDR Institute . I also have specialized training in David Burns TEAM Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. 

My primary purpose is to provide individuals with a safe and non-judgmental space in their journey to finding hope, self-discovery, healing and living their most fulfilling life. I meet each individual client where they are and use various interventions as they wrestle to address their addiction or trauma and then bravely resolve the underlying causes.

* Please Note: Each clinician is their own separate business entity.

If you’re seeking an open, supportive, positive environment to work towards self-improvement, contact us today.

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