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Group Therapy

Sometimes the only way to work through our own issues is to listen and learn from people who have experienced the same things. Our group therapy sessions invite clients to open up and express themselves while surrounded by people who know exactly where they have been and can offer their own experience to help one another through this process.

Group therapy can be immensely beneficial by creating safe spaces for people to communicate, offering support to one another, and offering a place for people to relate and experience through each other’s experiences.

When looking at life through other people’s eyes, we’re given the opportunity to grow and make gains by empathizing and reflecting. Whether you are seeking a place to communicate freely with people who can relate to your experiences or hoping to cope with your situation, our group therapy sessions will open the door to newfound hope.

We offer three different group therapy sessions for a variety of needs:

  • Navigating Life: Our support and process group for women. To help those who seek direction by empowering them to meet their unique potentials. We will come together to share and discuss inner struggles and frustration within our lives and begin to work through them in a conscious way to bring light into the darkness within ourselves.
  • Against All Odds: During this group, we focus on life skill building, process and support group for adolescents that encourages communication, boundaries, anger management, coping and team building.
  • Take Two: This group helps children to build social skills, problem solving skills, coping, identifying and expressing emotions, boundaries and limit setting through utilizing play therapy and art therapy techniques.
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If you’re interested in becoming involved with one of our group therapy programs, contact us today.

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