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Substance Abuse

Everyone struggles with balancing stress, emotions, and the surprises of day-to-day life, but with proper communication skills, an open environment in which you can express your feelings, and the support of those around you, it is possible to overcome addiction.

We understand each person is different – so is their addiction. Our substance abuse services focus on addressing your individual needs through individual and group sessions. It can be daunting and difficult to admit you need help, but we’re here to offer a safe space free of judgment or accusations.

Each person learns, accepts, and grows uniquely from their substance abuse. We will work to address the problems in your life that cause you emotional distress and turmoil. Once we understand where your problems stem from, we can work together to create a path to help you find your way.

Our substance abuse services include:

  • Adult and adolescent alcohol and drug evaluations
  • DUI Clinical Evaluation
  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
  • Court Mandated Services
  • Mental health status
  • Anger management evaluations
  • Other case by case evaluations
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I am 15 and I’ve been going to therapy with Ms. Zaman for almost a year now. This has been a great , wonderful experience for me. She has to taught me the correct way to express my feelings, without hurting other people. The list on things she taught me can continue on & on. I highly recommend Ms. Zaman to anyone that wants or needs counseling. She is truly amazing. She also works with young teens and adults.
Anonymous, Client

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